Fantastic Women’s Fiction

The Bakery at Clamshell Bay is the first in a brand new women’s fiction series by Sara Jane Bailey. The book is set in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest in the wonderful town of Clamshell Bay. The story is about four women who meet in a baking class and while they are quite different, they form an unbreakable bond. The characters of Cleo, Brook , Libby and Megan are complex, complicated and well fleshed out. The characters are so relatable, and I do love the second chance romance trope. Cleo Duvall runs the Clamshell Bay Bakery and she is as they say instafamous for her yummy cinnamon buns. The bakery and café is where the town gossip runs deep. It is also where Cleo holds baking classes and meets Brook, Libby and Megan. The story is heartwarming and the development of the friendship between these women is written so well. There are definitely secrets hiding in Clamshell bay and the author has a talent for revealing them in a perfectly paced time frame. I am a huge fan of women’s fiction and this debut novel is already a favorite. I cannot wait to read more about Clamshell Bay.